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Hi translation team,

@Hannes Member of the Core Team

I joined Transifex quite some time ago and already translated texts for the NethServer project.

I want to use French (Canada) which was not on Transifex.
I asked for it and after waiting for quite a few days and exchange of emails, it was accepted.
I can see French (Canada) on the Zammad page at Transifex.
I tried to join but the French (Canada) is not in the choices.

I am writing a 4 parts document on how to install Zammad on NethServer: Installation, Tickets, Backup & Restore, and Migration. They are in Alpha for now.

I want to completely translate Zammad to French (Canada).

How to join French (Canada) in Transifex ?


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Hai all,

8 days and still no answer…

When looking at the translation team, am I looking at a dead horse ?


Hey @michelandre - a Canadian French translation for Zammad would be awesome! @MrGeneration / @KoJie can you help @michelandre?


thank you very much for your patience.

I had some hard time to figure out how that process works for translators.
Those are the two project urls:

In order to translate a specific language via transifex, visit the project URL and click on “Translate” on the upper right.

Within the new dialogue, choose from the language you want to translate and click on join.

After that your request is being reviewed.

By now your request has been approved. Sorry for the wait, I was missing crucial rights for this steps.

Hi all,

Thank your for the answer.

Who will revised the translation ?

If there is nobody, I am applying for French (Canada) for admin & user.

Thank you again,


I’ll be answering on Transifex…
It would be great if you could decide for one plattform you want to communicate on.

Please don’t get me wrong - it’s causing a lot of notifications which slows at least me down. This may cause the opposite of what you’re expecting or trying to achieve.

Hi MrGeneration,

I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused.

I left all teams except French (Canada).

Hoping that unnecessary notifications will stop.


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