Forwarding of tickets including content and attachment via triggers

Hello folks,

We work with an external company that provides us with their ERP software. Besides our own tickets, we also write tickets to the external company if there are problems regarding the ERP system. The tickets belonging to the external company are assigned via a newly created group.

The external company does not want to log into Zammad but would like the tickets, which we actually only create and process via e-mail, to be forwarded directly to specific e-mail addresses.

An agent is currently looking at the tickets and forwards the matching tickets to the external company using the forward button on the web.

Is it possible to automatically forward these tickets to specific email addresses via triggers. The tickets should be forwarded completely, not as a notification but as if you were forwarding an e-mail like with any other e-mail client.

There is the possibility to work with variables. But then they only forwarded certain variables of the ticket as a notification. Is it possible to do a complete forwarding with attachment and everything?

Since Iā€™m not sure if the feature exists, I entered it as a feature request.

I would appreciate your help.


hi @all,

any news on this question from '22?
We need to implement the same process for our customer ā€¦


Thanks for your help!

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