Forward email from "private" mailbox to support e-mail and create ticket in name of customer

We are currently evaluating zammad.

We would like support emails sent directly to an employee. Can be forwarded by the employee to the ticket system. The ticket should then be created in the name of the original sender and not in the name of the employee.

Will zammad offer a solution?

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You do know how email forwarding does work right?
How is Zammad supposed to know who the original sender was?

Parsing that is a pain and thus unlikely to come.
There are options like moving mails to sub folders or using the reply to header.

The admin documentation will be handy in both situations:

Thanks for the answer. I don’t know how exactly an e-mail forwarding works or looks like, but I don’t have to. I use a tool to solve this for me. Okay, Zammad only offers a workaround. Will there be another solution for this in the future?

We looked at Zendesk and there is a corresponding feature here.

Maybe, maybe not. Who knows.

Interesting discussion on a similar topic: Parse original email address of the sender of a forwarded email in Ruby - Stack Overflow

I doub tthey’re talking about forwarded but bounced mails.
If you take any mail in your inbox and press on the “Forward” button, the original headers are lost.

The only way you could ensure this does not happen if you send the original mail as attachment (and then there’s this specific thing called Outlook that loves to mess with attachments if their users don’t know)

You have to redirect the email. If you will do this manually - depending on your MUA there are several ways. For Thunderbird you can use an addon called " Simple Mail Redirection". For Outlook you can add the mail account, which zammad is using and do a drag&drop of the wrong routed email from the other mailbox to the zammad inbox.


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