Formatting signature


is there a way to edit signature (color, font, etc.)?
I couldn’t find any topic regarding formatting signature, the only thing I found is topic from 2019 that says formatting signature isn’t possible because of security reasons.

Are you planning to add that feature?

Zammad version 5.4.1

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You can edit the /opt/zammad/app/views/mailer/application_wrapper.html.erb
We have splitted the signature in two parts. The personal part (name, title, personal contact details) are set in zammad. The company part is defined in the file. This allows you also to change the layout of the mail, add logos and links, format the signature etc. by using html.
Be noticed: While updating zammad the file would be overwritten. Keep a copy of the file and compare the original with your copy after an update the identify changes you might need to add to your version before replacing the file again.

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Thank you for your answer.
Does the company part apply to all groups or I can somehow separate signature by group?

The part in the application_wrapper.html.erb will apply to all mails send by zammad regardless of the groups.
If you need to differ between groups, you can use the zammad signature. Also there you can use different signatures (without major styling options) for different groups.

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So there is no option to set different signature for every group with styling e.g. font, color, picture etc.?

No. The signatur in zammad supports only basic formatting like bold, italic etc.
Editing the file allows more styling options but cannot differ between different groups.

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