Formatting Options for E-Mails / internal notes

Hello everybody,

I would like more formatting options in emails, like in Outlook or MS teams or something.
Often times I copy something in the mail response in Zammad, but the text that I copied has been formatted. Because of this, I can’t edit the formatting in zammad the way I like it.

For example, you copy something from Excel so that you have an invisible table that you cannot format.
Or if you put some screenshots in zammad. That’s not great. You could do it, but you can’t use a frame around the screenshot or anything else.
You also can’t edit the colour of the text you wrote.
If you want something to highlight, it’s not possible.

Please add some formatting functions through formatting buttons, not just key functions.


We had this kind of requests… a lot.
You can subscribe to this issue to see if anything starts to move:


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