Follow up of "move/escalate" ticket to different group

We have a use case where we didn’t find a solution yet how to implement it currently in Zammad.

Even speaking the customer support they didn’t have the answer for it, their suggestion was to come directly here in the community and see other will think it’s a use case who should be implement.

We have a software where we have resellers and direct customer who use it.

Our normal process goes from support level 1 to level 3 with in our organization for moving/escalating the ticket up to the programmer.

When one of customer have an issue it goes directly to service level 1.
Than the agent can move/escalate the ticket to the different group 2 or 3 depending of the request. Since these agents are working for us we don’t mind if they sees all the ticket of group 2 and 3. We just restrict that they can’t edit them. And when group3 finish the ticket he send it back to group1 and group 1 can answer to customer that work have been dealt with.

Now come the problem with the reseller

Our reseller got a specific email address for easing the queue process.

The issue start when the reseller need to move/escalate the ticket to our support level 1 ticket.

We want that the reseller can still see that ticket even if the ticket is escalating/move to another group. But he shouldn’t see the other ticket of that group except the one from that Organization.

The feature request we need it’s that an agent (reseller) can see all the ticket that have been create by the original Organization even if the ticket change group. We don’t want the reseller been able to sees other ticket from other Organization.

One work around we found was to restrict the overview of the reseller and give them access to the group 1 to 3 but if you have a wise agent reseller he will know how to tweak the url to have access to the whole ticket system by changing the id of it and that option was a no go for us.