Follow activity of specific agent

Hi Everyone,

I installed Zammad and we’re pretty happy with it so far.

We’re looking to follow on activities of agents that use the system (such as ticket replies/close etc…) and their statistics.

Does this feature exist in Zammad currently?

I searched the documentation and not found anything, but I might have not described my issue correctly in the search terms.

Thank you.


could you share your use case here maybe?
I smell some potential privacy issues here.

Maybe this will help you though:
What you want is to search for articles a specific agent created.

For this you’ll need his user-ID.
If you got that, you can query Zammad for those information.

This will work either by command line or API.

Maybe that pushes you in the right direction already.


Hi @MrGeneration,

Thank you for the reply,
We use Zammad as a customer support system (we are the owners & admins), and we want to check/evaluate that the agents are handling tickets correctly and they’re general overall stats regarding tickets.

We have the user IDs, can this be done via the command line?


Another short question,

In the ticket overview table, is it possible to add a column that specifies the ticket number?

If it is better to open a different post about it let me know.

# is the ticket number.


There might be other approaches as well.

You can get every article hat has been created by a specific agent with:

if you append .count, you’ll get the number of articles he created.

Ticket::Article.where('created_at < ? and created_at > ?',,
This will get you everything from the last day worth of tickets. Extent it with .pluck(ticket_id) to get the ticket IDS (for getting the ticket numbers if needed :wink: )

Is that good enough? :open_mouth:

Thank you for the replies, I’ll be at work tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

The “create_by” field will only give me the tickets that the agent created, or also those that he replied/participated in?

It will give you literally any article the agent created.

Excellent, thank you!

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