Filter notification emails by the tickets group


I want to filter incoming agent notifications by the Zammad group in my email client (or apply filtering rules on the server for incoming email).

As a Zammad agent, I’m assigned to multiple Zammad groups. Currently, I receive many ticket emails (updated ticket, etc.) the day and it’s hard to keep the overview in my email client, since all agent notifications move to the same email folder.

First thought was to adjust the notification templates app/views/mailer/ticket_create/$LANG.html.erb, but after a Zammad package update, these templates will be overwritten.

It would be beneficial, if in the email an X-header could be set like X-Zammad-TicketGroup =
(or similar).

With this email header, I could easily filter these agent notification email.

Best regards, Matthias Wiesner

Zammad Version 2.3.x
Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS (Xenial Xerus)

A simple workaround without any code change might be to configure your notification mails with the information you need for filtering.

If you put #{} in the subject of the mail you should see the group the ticket belongs to in the subject of every notification mail.
So you could easy filter by subject of the incoming mails.

I think this should work for you without any code change.
Give it a try.



Uhm, I don’t mean the emails, which are sent to the customer and which are customizable by triggers. I rather mean the system notification, which are sent to the agent. Here an example for a system notification, for an updated ticket:

Zammad Helpdesk Benachrichtigung

Hi Matthias,

Ticket (This is a test question) has been updated by “Matthias Wiesner-Kunde”.

This is the customers answer to “agent’s answer 1”

Am 05.03.2018 um 09:42 schrieb

View this in Zammad

Is there any way to customize these system notification email?

The system notification emails for created tickets contains the meta information:

Zammad Helpdesk Benachrichtigung

Hi Matthias

A new ticket (This is a test question) has been created by “Matthias Wiesner-Kunde”.

Group: - Allgemein
Owner: -
Status: new

Here I can filter the email by group name, but a more general solution would be to set invisible email headers.

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As far as I know this is not implemented right now.

Maybe as a workaround you could use only trigger based mail notifications and disable the system generated notifications mails in you profile.

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@mwiesner You can create a custom file with your changes, which is not overwritten on Zammad updates, just follow: