Feature-Request: Import OTRS generic agent and postmasterfilter

Wondering if there is a way to import the OTRS generic agent rules into zammad.

Great would also be to import the OTRS postmaster filters into zammad.

Any clues if this is getting done and if not, how I could achieve the import, without recreating them manually?

As far as I’m aware, this is not possible.
Maybe with adaption and fiddling.

@thorsteneckel might know better.

can you please elaborate a bit more?
Having about 100 GA rules, which I would need to recreate…

Hi @xeno - unfortunately not. If commercial service is an option to you please contact us via contact@zammad.com . We can help you with that and maybe even add the functionality to the OTRS import afterwards :+1:

Hi Thorsten,

already some days ago that we had a phone call :wink: Was on your initial public release, but we have deferred the migration since some major features about migration and handling have been missing.
Now it looks much better, but we struggle a lot with the migration…

Regarding the proposal, yes would be interested. Was already discussing in my team if we shall implement it ourself.
Give me a call if you need some further clearance. Anyway I think the community would also like to know what are the probable costs for such a feature.

best wishes

Hi @xeno - very cool that you’re still around and we were able to resolve the things that were blocking you! How did the discussion with your team went? To be honest I’d prefer a contribution over a commercial implementation.

As of my years of experience with OTRS I can tell that there are some cases that OTRS GA cover which Zammad can’t handle (e.g. execution of custom modules) and some might not be able to map over directly. However, it would be cool to be able to transfer as much as possible and your 100 GAs should be a pretty solid test dataset.

I can’t pull a number out of thin air but from my experience it will take us 3 days (+/- 50%) to define the specs, implement the functionality, integrate it in the existing logic, write tests and documentation.

How should we proceed from here?

Okay thank you for your answers.

If we decide for contribution, very probably we will need some support. Since we are pretty new to zammad and the migrator. If you have some docs to read, would pass it to my team first.
Can your team support us on the contribution?

As soon as we have decided will get back to you if we buy or build+contribute. As I understand, later variant is your preferred way.

best wishes

Hi @xeno - unfortunately our community time is very limited and I need to split it up equally to be fair to others. However, we will help where we can. We currently have no documentation wether on the Exporter nor the importer except the (beautiful :wink: ) code itself :scream:

From my understanding the process would be:

  • Define a mapping on how OTRS GA settings map to Zammad Triggers and Postmaster filters
  • Build Perl export module
  • Build Ruby import classes (reflecting mapping)
  • Integrate in Zammad import logic
  • Tests

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