Facebook integration - not receiving private messages, tickets about posts are automatically closed


  • Used Zammad version: 3.6.0-1614182081.1cec710b
  • Used Zammad installation source: package
  • Operating system: centos8
  • Browser + version: any

Expected behavior:

  • We would like to integrate Facebook into Zammad in order to receive private messages and comments from our company’s Facebook page.

Actual behavior:

  1. We received 3 tickets for our 3 last published posts on our company’s page. All these tickets were received as closed.
  2. Even though we added a comment to one of these posts, we could find it in our Zammad installation, however, the ticket itself will be still kept closed.
  3. When we replied to that comment, the answer will not occur on our FB page.

I’ve attached a screenshot how the FB integration looks like in our Zammad installation

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • We followed the documentation at Facebook — Zammad Admin Documentation documentation (which is a bit outdated). When we reached the step “Click on “Add Account””, we got an error described in this thread Integration Facebook error - #2 by benmo
  • So we edited the URL according to the instructions in that thread and then we could finish the integration. However, it happened as you can read above.
    In fact, the URL which linked to the error as it is described at
    (I’ve anonymized the id values with XXXXXX)

It looks like a wrong granted permissions, however, we cannot find out where because the documentation does not correspond to the current setting as it is available at Bei Facebook anmelden

By the way, we don’t need a Bussiness Manager for setting up the FB integration for Twitter, do we? Also, I’m curious if the only way is via the personal account because then anybody from our organization can set ut receiving posts from my personal FB account, am I right? (If the FB account setting would be changed in Zammad which is available to any Zammad administrator…)

Same Error here!
how can it be solved?

Might be related to facebook Tickets are not being opened when there's an update (and on creation) · Issue #1777 · zammad/zammad · GitHub which I couldn’t reproduce any longer and thus closed later on.

That may be a permission issue. Hard to tell. Your production log probably knows more.

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