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Zammad Version 2.8.x

Hey guys,

just a little question, if the Facebook channel is set up correct there should be a new ticket for every comment a user is posting on Facebook right?
At the moment i only get Tickets for the Posts I’m creating on my Facebook page but no tickets for comments.

The comments should appear within the same Ticket of the Post. :slight_smile:

I remembered when in set up the integration that the comments appeared under the original post/ticket.
But at the moment no comment will be added under the ticket:

As you can see there are two comments under this FB post but no comment under the ticket in Zammad.
Any idea what could be wrong?
By default all FB posts will be closed in zammad, is it possible set the default status to something else?

Ah the closed ticket information was missing, this might be affected and covered by this issue:
facebook Tickets are not being opened when there's an update (and on creation) · Issue #1777 · zammad/zammad · GitHub (Please don’t post “me too” over there :stuck_out_tongue: )

I worked around this problem by triggering facebook-Tickets as so:

Maybe Zammad will append the comments cleanly if it’s open? (new posts from change on)
Also a Production log would help to see if errors occur.

It looks like Zammad is grabbing comments again when the status is open. I know when i first set up the integration zammad was posting comments even when the ticket was set to closed.

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