"[EXTERNAL] RE:" on subjects opens a new ticket

Good morning, I was looking for information but I did not find anything about it. I hope you can help me, I understand that it can be a recurring problem.
When a ticket is created, it is sent to customers with a Subject.
In their email accounts, customers are adding “[EXTERNAL]” so Zammad interprets that by replying it is a NEW ticket.
Can [EXTERNAL] be set as an exception and catch the original subject to add the response to the ticket?
I guess something similar is done with “RE:” since that doesn’t generate a new ticket.
Awaiting your comments.
Thanks a lot!

Hi there,

I was not able to reproduce this on my end. Make sure that the ticket hook & ticket ID are still in the subject line when your customer is replying. It shouldn’t really make a difference what the subject is, as long as the ticket ID is still present.

What you could also try is to detect responses by the body, attachments or headers. To control this behavior, use this setting in the Zammad email settings:

Hope this helps.

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Hi @cdibert,

usually those extra tags are added by the (corporate) email server/s.
Asking your IT Department not to include them would be a good way to start.
If you are part of the IT Department now you know what you can do :slight_smile:



Thanks a lot! I applied these modifications and at the moment it is working OK.
There are so many options that one gets lost.


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