Escalar y notificar por correo

Cuando un ticket se escala se requiere que se notifique por correo al propietario y al gerente, actualmente zammad tiene 4 opciones en ias notificaciones (Cliente, todos los agentes, propietarios y ultimo articulo de remitente).

That might be useful depending on the number of agents/tickets and the number of escalating tickets.

Two thoughts:

  1. If there are a lot of tickets escalating each day, the manager might get too much mails.
  2. Right now, zammad has no “manager role”. So implementing might be a lot work.

Maybe it would make sense to add the function in the trigger to select a specific zammad user as recipient for mails?
That would make the trigger much more powerful because you could use it for various notification usecases.

I would support that idea. :slight_smile:

Exacto lo que estaría bien es solo agregar la opción de elegir un usuario en específico.

As far as I know @svnr-dvnkln already made such an enhancement request to add specific user as receipient in triggered mails.

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