Error Zendesk-Import


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  • Used Zammad version: 2.5.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: ubuntu-package
  • Operating system: ubuntu 16.04
  • Browser + version: safari desktop latest

Expected behavior:

when importing from Zendesk all tickets should be imported

Actual behavior:

import stops with the following error message:

Problem with ObjectManager Attribute 'XY?': Only letters from a-z, numbers from 0-9, and _ are allowed

the attribute is a checkbox

disabling the attribute doesn’t help.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

create a additional ticket field with attribute “checkbox” and try to import the tickets.

OK, I’m now at the point where I can say that it is the attribute name wich has an question mark but I can’t change it in Zendesk. Could someone give me a hint where I could remove the question mark for only this attribute?

I would do a little dirty hack -> something like

if $name == 'attributename?'
  $name = 'attributename'

ok, got it working by changing the attribute-name in Zendesk. head -> table.

now I got another error after importing 170 of 2569 tickets:

SSL_connect SYSCALL returned=5 errno=0 state=unknown state

any idea? I think It might be my browser. Is there a way to start the import from command-line? I only found informations for OTRS.

OK. got it working. The importer seems to have a problem with Safari. With Chrome it works. But now I have another problem:
My Tickets don’t get imported in full length. Here ist the Error Message from Log:
WARNING: cut string because of database length Ticket.note(250 but is 3249:

Thanks for keeping us updated.
You filled in a issue on github regarding the import problem:

This still has to be verified.


sorry for my late post. Had a lot of work these days…

If you need more information for this, just tell.

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