Error import email


  • Used Zammad version: 5.0.3
  • Used Zammad installation type: package

We have three mails, which not import in the ticket system.

Error report in log file:

E, [2022-04-22T08:51:22.761817 #25901-336336200] ERROR – : Can’t process email, you will find it for bug reporting under /opt/zammad/tmp/unprocessable_mail/006161f09e6d1d009d530de6ff596e1e.eml, please create an issue
at Issues · zammad/zammad · GitHub
E, [2022-04-22T08:51:22.761906 #25901-336336200] ERROR – : PG::InFailedSqlTransaction: ERROR: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block
lib/transaction_dispatcher.rb:33:in perform' lib/transaction_dispatcher.rb:17:in commit’
app/models/transaction.rb:51:in finish_transaction' app/models/transaction.rb:19:in ensure in block in execute’
app/models/transaction.rb:19:in block in execute' app/models/transaction.rb:14:in execute’
app/models/transaction.rb:26:in execute' app/models/channel/email_parser.rb:178:in _process’
app/models/channel/email_parser.rb:120:in block in process' app/models/channel/email_parser.rb:119:in process’
app/models/channel/driver/imap.rb:321:in block in fetch' app/models/channel/driver/imap.rb:258:in each’
app/models/channel/driver/imap.rb:258:in fetch' app/models/channel.rb:56:in fetch’
app/models/channel.rb:30:in fetch' (eval):1:in _start_job’
app/models/scheduler.rb:291:in eval' app/models/scheduler.rb:291:in _start_job’
app/models/scheduler.rb:243:in block (2 levels) in start_job' app/models/scheduler.rb:241:in loop’
app/models/scheduler.rb:241:in `block in start_job’
I, [2022-04-22T08:51:23.359620 #25901-336336200] INFO – : ended Channel.fetch took: 3.029313378 seconds.

Where is the problem? Whats wrong? Why can not import the email?

Please provide the output of zammad run rails r "pp Trigger.pluck" and the affected three mails (only if they all are affected by the transaction issue !!!) by PM on this forum.

Thank you.

We found the possible culprit so I don’t need the data any more.
You may be affected by this issue:


sorry I didn’t answer your question. But unfortunately I didn’t get any email for your entry on 16.7.
Thank you for processing and solving my problem.

Thank you.