Error creating ticket via API

Trying to create a ticket with an API call I have a 500 Internal Server Error with {“error”:“no implicit conversion of Symbol into Integer”}.
Ticket was created but empty and in production log i found the anomaly in article part where there is only the last parameter.
I’ve marked in bold the anomaly.

Zammad Version: 5.0.x (retrived via VERSION file)
Installed via: Package
OS: AlmaLinux release 8.5 (server) - Ubuntu 20.04 (client)
Browser: Python API call

Actual behavior:

Production Log extract:

I, [2022-08-23T07:46:42.318366 #707-1302918920]  INFO -- : execute (try_count 0)...
I, [2022-08-23T07:46:42.361253 #707-1302918920]  INFO -- : ended took: 0.050002071 seconds.
I, [2022-08-23T07:46:45.193708 #712-91720340]  INFO -- : Started POST "/api/v1/tickets" for at 2022-08-23 07:46:45 +0000
I, [2022-08-23T07:46:45.196405 #712-91720340]  INFO -- : Processing by TicketsController#create as */*
I, [2022-08-23T07:46:45.196465 #712-91720340]  INFO -- :   Parameters: {**"title"=>"Message Title", "group"=>"[L2] IT Support", "customer"=>"", "article"=>"internal"**}
E, [2022-08-23T07:46:45.513485 #712-91720340] ERROR -- : no implicit conversion of Symbol into Integer (TypeError)

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Python Code:

token = "MyToken"
auth  = f"Token token={token}"

def create_ticket():
    url = ''
    new_ticket = {
        "title": "Message Title",
        "group": "[L2] IT Support",
        "customer": "",
        "article": {
            "subject": "Message Subject",
            "body": "Message Body",
            "type": "",
            **"internal": False**

    print(json.dumps(new_ticket, indent=2))

    req =, headers={'Authorization' : auth}, data = new_ticket)

    if (req.status_code != 201):
        print(f"1... Error: {req.status_code} {req.reason}")
        print(f"2... {req.text}")


Your payload in general is faulty.
If you have no value for an attribute, consider not providing it at all.

You can find a sample payload here:

Not sure which attribute actually is of type symbol and subject to be converted here.
Might help to see the actual payload.

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