Enhance CTI-Inbount call Info with "To"

A Customer is thrilled about the CTI change, but misses the “TO” number (so the number that gets called) which would significantly help the agents in bigger call centers which number or team is being called.

Especially with a high caller volume, this can help greatly.

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i am having a similar problem, we are doing B2B services so there is no central number, the number being called is only adressed to ONE specific zammad user, i need to somehow map that, usually this is done by either having a mapping of sorts (like the Zammad Profile could carry the Extension so i can map by extension OR some sort of external mapping that allows to specifiy the target user inside zammad)

Sorry but I do believe that this has nothing to do with this feature request.
Please do not hijack topics that are not related. :x

Zammad does have a extension to agent mapping, but this is not for the call notifications, but just picking up the call. The menu entry within the CTI settings is called Notify Map

If I’m right that you want to only show this notification to the affected agent, please create your own feature request that describes your desired functionality, because mine doesn’t cover yours. :slight_smile:

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