Enable operators in trigger and scheduler for delta calculation on time and integer attributes

Source Situation:
Agents should close issues and tickets within a target time of x hours. When this time is viloated, the tickets should be reassigned to review group to monitor the time bookings and ticket history. SLA do not fit perfectly, as tickets are permanently re-assigned between groups and agents, what creates difficulties and conflicts with other valid SLAs in place.

Target situation:
Create a hidden ticket attribute with target time (integer minutes/hours) and then automate the review group escalation with a delta calculation of accounted time and the target time contingent.

Unfortunately this delta calcualtion (</> integer) is not available as operator. Also the accounted time is no if condition in triggers/scheduler.

Expected Solution:

  • Implementing a ticket attribute for “max accounted time”
  • Creating a trigger that reassign ticket for review
    ° if “real accounted time” exceed the “max accounted time”

Zammad environment: any