Emojis or icons in overview title


To customize and rearrange better the overviews, I added some dash “-” to make some sub-views and tried to add some iconize them with some emojis.

Example : “Ticket avec plaintes” for tickets with complaints (complaints is a custom object of customer)

I can paste some emojis but it doesn’t save my new title.

Could it be a new feature with icon pack of the FAQ for example ?

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Did work for me…

Bildschirmfoto 2020-08-24 um 11.21.02
Bildschirmfoto 2020-08-24 um 11.20.56

(Great suggestion, by the way!)

By the way, you’re right, it works for some emojis !
It remains to be seen which ones. A cheat list ?

You’re using postgresql…?

Works for me for flags as well:

Maybe it’s browser specific or symbol specific.

I wouldn’t see this as documentation part. At least not from my end - don’t know how you see it but I’m kinda not motivated to check on 500+ emojis :see_no_evil:

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Actually, no, I’m using mysql.
It could be an issue about database encoding ?

I have seen some articles about utf8mb4.

Yes absolutely.
One of the reasons why we at Zammad prefer postgreSQL :smiley:

MySQL is a bit more caring in this regard. You need utf8mb4 whenever and whereever you want to use emojis. Flags especially like Hungary, Germany etc (so no plain ones) technically are emojis with patterns. This means they require more space.

This video does explain it pretty good. I’ve seen a german explanation somewhere from ccc, but I think english helps better here:


I found a interesting tutorial about it :

… but I don’t know yet if I will have the courage to embark on this conversion. If so, I will share the solution with you.


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