Embed/ show external data in ticket view


My agents need some information about the user in the ticket, e.g. customer nr., tel-pin, last time logged in, current contract, etc.

Loading the data for a given ticket directly from an external service would

  • always fetch the current data,
  • provide easy way to integrate data from external system.

I could use the API to store the data in Zammand, but that would mean I need to frequently sync the data between an external system and zammand, especially if it is data that changes frequently.


The system allows us to configure a url that will be called by zammad when the ticket is opened, eg.:


When a ticket is opened, zammand would than call that url appending the ticket email:

https://myserver.com/zammand.html?emails=bla€blip.com; blip@bla.com

The external system (myserver.com) must than provide html response that will be embeded in the ticket ui, see image:


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