Emails not being pulled from o365 properly

The emails are being marked as read in the mailbox, however they are not being imported into Zammad properly.

I see the below error in: Settings → Monitoring

And the following: “{“healthy”:false,“message”:“unprocessable mails: 1;272 failing background jobs;Failed to run background job #1 ‘BackgroundJobSearchIndex’ 10 time(s) with 76 attempt(s).”,“issues”:[“unprocessable mails: 1”,“272 failing background jobs”,“Failed to run background job #1 ‘BackgroundJobSearchIndex’ 10 time(s) with 76 attempt(s).”],“actions”:,“token”:“QxAKOu0SBgFjsPFsdhIF4OQNB1vFaaNKoZqkav1Ok9_W451CmfTMng”}”

The only way to resolve this seems to be to mark the email as “unread”, sometimes I have to do this a couple of times though.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Failing BackgroundJobSearchindex-Jobs are porberbly a missconfigured or not running elasticsearch.
Please see our documentation for that part:

As for unprocessable mails, this can have various reasons and without the mail (if not too sensitive) we can’t help you here.


In regards to Elasticsearch, I believe I have installed version 6.6.0, which that guide states is not supported. Do you have a guide on how to downgrade my version of Elasticsearch?

Happy to share the email, is there a specific address/way I can send it?



I have no downgrade path for that, sorry. I believe this will cause problems.
I’d simply uninstall the wrong version and install the correct one - but I don’t know if you have productive data beside of Zammad that you need. :slight_smile:

If the data is too sensitive, you can send a E-Mail to support[at]zammad[dot]com - please reference this community Post.

I have successfully downgraded and it all appears to be working.

There are actually a number of emails it is not pulling in. When I am viewing the inbox, it marks the emails as “read” but does not create a ticket in Zammad, do you still want an email forwarded to you?

I have emailed an example of an email that is not converting to a ticket.

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