Emails are deleted from my inbox when using it as channel


  • Used Zammad version: 3.3.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …) : package
  • Operating system: centos7
  • Browser + version: firefox 75.0

My email inbox is not deleted when adding it as channel

When adding an email account as channel ,my emails in my inbox are deleted :frowning_face:
1-How can I add an email without deleting my inbox
PS: I have putted Keep messages on server =yes but I didn’t know what to put in the folder field ( I have tried inbox but nothing happened)

2 - Is their a solution to recuperate my emails

If you set “keep on server” to true within the wizard Zammad will not delete those mails after fetching them. It only marks them as read.

My guess is either a second channel that’s configured to delete or you using POP3 and then manipulated the channel configuration with above mentioned setting via rails which will not change anything.

Please note that POP3 deletes mails from the inbox if the mail has been fetched - depending on the mail servers configuration (that’s out of scope for Zammad).

Please provide more information on your channel configuration and also logfiles.

Thank you for your response,
I dont know where is the problem but it worked know!!
just I kept adding and deleting the channel 3 or 4 times

thank you anyway

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