Email Signature Pictures

is there a way to insert personal pictures into a signature like #{user.firstname} → #{user.image}, or do I have to go with Groups (that would be an additional group for every agent)?

There’s no clean way to achieve that.
I’ve tried with note fields which support HTML, however, it seems to cut the images.

So what you’re trying to achieve won’t work except for workarounding it with dozens of groups if you really need that function.

Personally I don’t understand those kind of signatures with images of the sender, but oh well. :slight_smile:

We have changed the mail template to achieve the cd mail footer. There you can place a general picture, but not an andividual for a specific sender.
Side effect: if you quote mails, the user signature and the company signature from the template will be splitter.
For sure it is a compromise.

For a further development I would recommend a placeholder ##signature## which will be replaced by a HTML formatted block. So you can work with different fonts, colors and formatting or even a logo or icons commonly used for social media.
So you can add the placeholder to the signature and it won’t be divided while using full quotes on replying to an email.

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