Email Settings Notification

Hey Guys,

is this the right setting? I only want to get notifications. We move from google mail to outlook but I don’t change anything on Zammad. Any ideas?

Could you please be more precise for what this setting will be correct or not?
I don’t understand your use case at this moment, as the setting doesn’t have to do anything with customer communication.

Hi, thanks for you answer. I don’t get any E-Mail with information about news tickets, etc. I want this notifications back, but I don’t know what is wrong, is there any chance to find out what cause this ?

Notifications (for agents) are sent over the “notification” channel. So what you screenshotted is correct.
However, I guess the issue lives in your sendmail configuration (if sendmail is installed and configured).
You can also change this to SMTP to solve your issues.

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