Email notification to admin when a new account is created


Please can you help regarding email notification to admin

I need to know if it’s possible to admin to be notified when a new account is created.

Does this feature already exist?

Thanks in advance for you answer



Do you have any update regarding my request?


I’m confused, is this a feature request or a technical assistance request?
Neither way - pushing threads does not help nor is the requested functionality possible with Zammad.

Just as a side note, as mentioned in the documentation ( Users — Zammad documentation ) Zammad creates a new user automatically if receiving a mail from a yet unknown user. Above request would mean that e.g. an admin is being spammed by “user created” notifications every time an agent or the system creates an user.

I really don’t see why this would be useful.

You should do this with the API

Thanks for you reply.

The problem is that when a new user has created a new account on Zammad if I am not connected on Zammad web interface I am not able to see that a new user has created an account.

Therefore my request is to know how from Zammad web interface or probably as @bur said through API I can enable this feature. For information when a ticket is created or updated I receive a mail notification. I think it should be possible for new account creation.

Thanks for your help