Email | Launch a template

Hey there,

we have a lot of recurring mails from our personnel department considering new employees etc.
All those mails have the same syntax.

Right now we’re already able to do some things automatically with those mails via email-filters.

But a new feature would help us improve our overall data quality and workflow with such mails.
Let’s call it: mail-triggered-templates

So all we need is the ability to start a template via email-filter.

The question here is: what happens with the given information if a template is launched?
Since templates can include a pre-formatted article - would

  1. the email simply be attached to the template (including the mail attachement)?
  2. the email body be the first article and the template article the second?
  3. the email body and the article body “merged”?

The templates would also need to work a little different. Since you can set the customer in a template there would need to be a placeholder for the customer. Meaning that the email sender would replace the template customer.

I think despite our use-case other people would benefit from that feature too.

Similiar, (probably) easier to implement with the same benefit:
Give us an option to add pre-formatted articles via email-filter.


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