Email greeting improvement

Hi Team,

I would like Zammad to send greetings according to the time of day, I mean, good morning, good afternoon, and good evening.

I have this code in the Spanish views, app/views/mailer/ticket_create/es.html.erb

Nuevo Ticket (#{ticket.title})

<% night = ? 21 : 19 %>
<% {0..11 => 'Buenos días', 12..(night-1) => 'Buenas tardes', (night)..23 => 'Buenas noches'}.each { |k, v| break v if k.cover? } %>

In addition, I would also like Zammad to not overwrite views when updating with RPM packages.

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This is simple: copy your template and name it es.html.erb.custom and it will be update safe and will be used by zammad in place of the default template.


oh!, good thanks awedor!