Email configuration

{“error”:“No email address found for group ‘Users’ (1)”}
how to solve with this

Hi @ros_sovithyea ,

we can’t help you with this information. This could be everywhere. Could please provide more information.

  1. Are you using the web interface or API?
  2. Where does the error message happen?
  3. What did you do before? Can you provide screenshots of the problem ?
  4. Can you provide information how to reproduce the problem ?

I am using a web interface.
I connect it with SMTP Gmail as an account notification
and I try to create a ticket by email, it loads {“error”:“No email address found for group ‘Users’ (1)”} but the notification is loading normal and the ticket is created as well

If i would guess then it sounds like you are missing the relation from group to email address. If you look in the admin interface under Admin → Groups and open the edit menu of the group Users then there might be a missing email address chosen for it. You may just need to select it.

This log message appears if you have a trigger configured that’s supposed to answer by email to the customer. This doesn’t work if the group has no mail address.

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