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I have set up the mail address in zammad. I have created several groups. The mail mapping in the groups is solved by different IMAP folders (Inbox\Grp1,Inbox\Grp2,Inbox\Grp3). This works inbound.

Outgoing I would like to use with all groups as well. In zammad I can not store the outgoing email address and email/accounts. The system says Object already exists! How to configure the sender account correctly?
In the group I have deposited When sending mail I get the info that : “Unable to send email to ‘’: No channel defined for email_address id ‘3’!”

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Update: screenshots

You cannot have the same email address with different display names.

You can only do this:

Create an email address on the first channel only. Reklamation

In the groups config, edit every group and assign the email address you created.

Different approach to confider:

You seem to do the dispatching into the folders using some kind of mail client.

You could just leave everything in the inbox, let Zammad fetch all mails into a group, and then your dispatchers could change the group on the tickets to dispatch them.

In the future you could even look into (partly) dispatching based on some customer or ticket attribute.

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Hallo Martin-Bonn,

briefly to explain the assignment. I have created a set of rules on my Exchange Server. Incoming mails are moved to the appropriate inbox folder. This saves me from having to manually assign. and makes it clearer for the individual teams.

I have configured the email address in the groups as described. There is only 1x the address. Logically, there is only once the imap/smtp account.

If I want to send a mail from a ticket of the corresponding group, it does not work.

For me it looks like it expects an explicit sender address in the channel/email account settings, but I can’t configure it. The settings in the group configuration seem to be ignored.

Another idea for me would be to use a filter with regex to assign the sender domains to the appropriate teams. I would only have a configured email address and would not have to check the problem further. But here I have no experience how this affects the performance.


You could change the Exchange transport rules that do your sorting to deliver the mail to the inbox (not different folders) and to also set an X-Original-To header with an identifier.

Then you only need one email channel in Zammad, and can use the X-Original-To header in the postmaster filters in Zammad to assign the proper group to a ticket.

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