EMail Channel incompatible encoding regexp match (ASCII-8BIT regexp with UTF-8 string)


  • Used Zammad version: 3.2.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: (Debian Deb
  • Operating system: Debian 10
  • Browser + version: Firefox 72.0.2

Expected behavior:

  • Adding a Mail Channel. It should add the channel

Actual behavior:

  • When adding a Mail Account the wizzard fails with the error message incompatible encoding regexp match (ASCII-8BIT regexp with UTF-8 string)
  • Locales Settings:

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Adding a Mail Account

Is this the complete error message you receive?
Where do you see this error message?

edit: Please also let us know which dark magic mail server you’re trying to connect to :wink:

Its the hole message. I’ve added a screenshot, that should clear things up.

The Mailserver is a selfhosted dovecot based mail server.

That’s odd, never had a Dovecot not wanting to talk to Zammad (yet).
Do you happen to have E-Mails in the affected mailbox?

If so, could you check if you can solve this issue by temporary moving all mails away from your mailbox?
Possibly this is an issue with an existing mail that Zammad can’t import or the fetching process dies during that process in general.

The reason for this error message could be a special character in the password of your imap mailbox. Change the password and try not to use special characters.

That’s the solution. So i switched to just Numbers and Characters and just made the password longer.
It would be nice, if the wizzard gives a warning, if you input special characters or fix it.
Thank you very much.

It would be great if you could specify your special characters you used so we can have a look for the root cause. :slight_smile:

It has been this auto generated password from KeePassXC


Evolution could login into the mailbox

Just a small follow up on this:
We’re currently investigating and discussing this topic internally.

Eventually we’ll create an issue to address this later on, but that’s not a fixed topic yet.
Personally I see the following special characters as best practise for passwords:


Thanks for your time, I’ll update this thread if I have further information!

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As promised here’s my follow up :slight_smile:

We decided to address this in the future™.
You can subscribe the following issue if you want to:

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