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When verifying the email account that has been created, the system uses the first email address in the list as the from address. This is ok when the initial setup is done, but if you choose to change the login details and re-verify the account, the system does not use the set system email address as the from address.

Is there a way to force the system to use a particular from address, ie the account username instead of the first one from the list of aliases (sorted alphabetically)

@thorsteneckel might know that.
Personally I think that this also might be a mail server problem. Normally a send message to an alias should be sent to the mailbox Zammad tries to verify which will lead to success -normally-.

Is the test E-Mail delivered to your Mailbox?

Sorry but I don’t get it yet. What is the actual problem with that?

If you were use to use a pop3 account on 1 domain as the catch all account for the intial setup stages, and then began the process of setting up the desk with the new domain and email aliases. Updating the email account will then use addresses/aliases that are not in use. The tests being performed should be restricted to the account email address and not aliases. I am also not sure sending the test mail through Zunny is needed, as it would help if one could bypass the test altogether.

Can you please let us know what E-Mail-Server you’re using?

In the meantime I’ll test the behaviour on my end, as I think this should work if you have aliases configured.
If you configured aliases not being in service on your mail system, that’d a invalid configuration on your end (in my opinion)

I relay email through a local PostFix server, and collect email through Office365. I don’t use Office365 to send the email as I had some issues with it trying to prevent non existent addresses, like no-reply@.

Agreed that if an alias is invalid due to a domain not being migrated to the destination mailbox, it would not accept any email, but as part of pre-configuration, I think the test emails must be sent from the same email address as configured for the initial mailbox setup. This works fine, but if you ever want to update this mailbox, move it etc, the new tests use the aliases etc. To resolve this, I have to delete all aliases, verify the mail settings, then re-add the aliases and relink them to their groups.

Sorry, my opinion is that this is a wrong working style. :frowning:

No prob, I would like to understand the methodology behind the system picking a alias to send the test email from rather than the set email account?

@thorsteneckel might answer that, but my guess is that zammad just takes the first address of the E-Mail-Channel it finds

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