Email Account Error


  • Used Zammad version: 4.0 (and 3.6)
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: Ubunutu 18.04
  • Browser + version: Firefox V87

Expected behavior:

Setup Email account / email notifications on the Zammad Web UI.

Actual behavior:

Receive an error of “end of file reached”

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Within the web UI go to settings > email > new. enter details for pop server and then SMTP server, error message is then displayed as per below screenshot.

I noticed this issue a week ago while running Zammad V3.6, I upgraded to V4.0 in the hopes it would fix or potentially give a different error, but it changed nothing.

I created a new Zammad install V4.0 on Ubunutu 20.04 and restored the backup from yesterday and I have the same issues on that server aswell.

I have tried a Gmail and Outlook account and both have the same issues. Any help with this error would be amazing or just an explanation as to the cause.

I’m no expert on Ubuntu so if you need logs you will have to explain where to find them.

Thank you.

End of file usually occurs if the connection is closed unexpected.
This shouldn’t be a permanent issue. I’m seeing this from time to time on SaaS environments as well but it solves itself out within minutes.

However, please note that you may want to use the google channel instead. Google will be shutting down basic authentication for email accounts. See: Accounts — Zammad documentation

If you ARE going to use google with the generic email setup make sure you configure 2 factor on the account and generate an app specific password.

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