Edit user: change login and initials

Hey guys,

please enhance user management for admins by adding the possibility to directly change the login string and initials while creating or editing users.

  • Login (more important)
    Zammads default behaviour is to set “login = email”, so you have to change it manually via commandline or inside the database. For me, the login should always be either just the users initials, or a combination of the company/organization name and the users initials. As in my screenshot, “Woody Allen-Konigbergs” login would have an org prefix “foobar”, an separating “_” and his initials “wak”.

  • Initials (less important)
    Initials are, for example, part of the default avatar. They are dynamically put together from the first characters of firstname and/or lastname. This does not consider double firstnames or lastnames. Duplicate initials/default avatars might be confusing. A guy named “Woody Allen-Konigsberg” will have the initials “WA”, but I want it to be “WAK”.


As for login name when using LDAP, it’s loginname == accountname :slight_smile:

Lemme drop this here, I just found out for you and updated the documentation.
This might be atleast be help full if you have Terminal access


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Until now I changed the login data directly via psql to update all users at once

update users set login = lower(kuerzel) where kuerzel <> '';

(kuerzel is a custom user object)

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