E-Mail Folders - Will this work?


i got the following question which maybe someone can give m a Anwer for. If i got one E-Mail Adress (helpdesk@zammad) with Aliases on it (helpdesk1@zammad, helpdesk2@zammad, helpdesk3@zammad) and there are rules which put mails into Folders depending on which alias the mail got received.

If i add now the same E-Mail Adress more then one time into zammad and configure the Folder, can i set a Filter into zammad which put Tickets into Groups depending on the Adresses?

I hope i could explain it.

Hey @anon43131755,

yes that should be possible.

You can set email filters with conditions.

“IF recipient IS helpdesk1@zammad THEN GROUP IS xy” etc


One site note:
Some E-Mail-Servers might not deliver more than one E-Mail if you send to more than one alias being affect by this mailbox. This will cause one E-Mail to come into Zammad.

This might give unexpected results on your end. :slight_smile:

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