Double notifications for Agent E-Mail


  • Used Zammad version:
  • Used Zammad installation type: (source, package, docker-compose, …)

Expected behavior:

When an agent responds directly via E-Mail to a ticket, the customer is not notified. As I’ve read on this forum the way to deal with this is by creating a custom trigger which sends this email.

The trigger is set up as follows:

  • Status: open
  • Type: Email
  • Sender: Agent

Actual behavior:

There are two issues with this setup:

  • There are two mails sent when the agent chooses to reply on the web-frontend since this also trigger the same event
  • The two emails (trigger and default notification) have different sender names, one time it is the group name and the other one it is “AGENTNAME via SUPPORTNAME”

What I need

  • How do I set up the trigger in a way that it does not send an email on a web reply?

  • Is it possible to set up the trigger to use the same sender name as it would if the agent would reply on the web?

Got the first issue figured out; If I add the following to the trigger conditions:

  • To contains OUR-SUPPORT-MAIL

Then the trigger only runs on mail-replys, not on web answers.

Hi @AramLoosman. You could also use the article type to filter it.

I already have the article type as a filter, set to E-Mail. But it seems that the article type is email in both cases, what I really would want to filter is the origin type (by mail, by web).

I just created to tickets in my test instance, one is an imported sample email and one is created via Zammad GUI. First article has type email, second one has web. Works fine.

But if you answer a mail from one of those tickets as agent, does the customer get a notification about it?
In our case he does not without the custom trigger. The answer shows up as a new article under said ticket but the customer is not notified about it. I cannot see a difference in zammad in the two articles (one from mail, one from web).

Our documentation should help you to learn how you can reply to tickets in a way so that customers receive the answer:

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