Does the REST api use elasticsearch?

I have a simple question, I just need some clarification :). Right now we’re experiencing some issues with newly created entries (for example tickets) tickets not being found if we try to search for them through the REST API. I assumed the REST api just queries the database directly, but now I’m thinking it uses elasticsearch? Could it be that Zammad first has to (re)index new tickets before they can be found?

That’s a very good question you’ve got there, I cannot answer this - but maybe @thorsteneckel can. (he’s on holiday through). :slight_smile:

My guess is that it depends on what zammad is configured and what your search term is, I can imagine that searching for a ticket ID does not go to elasticsearch as -in my opinion- a database query should be faster here

You’re right. The ES needs to get indexed but this is usually done within a few seconds (max). It might be the case that you have a full background job queue. Are there any messages in your admin -> maintenance log? You can check it via the Zammad rails console, too. Just run Delayed::Job.count . Should be a low number below 10 (depending on your system size).

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