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Hi Team :slight_smile:

we would like to see a nice implementation of textfiles, prefeered PDF.

Always downloading, searching and opening the PDF isn’t a very handy workflow specially when other contact partners always use the same filename. A method to show PDF-Files inside the ticket (maybe with expand mode) or just to open in in a new tab would be very helpful.

Maybe some changes to this ?

Or a general hint how we could implement this by ourselfs would be greatful :slight_smile:

Zammad 2.6x. (Ubuntu)
Windows 10

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Hi @Anmari - good catch! We’re absolutely with you. Sadly we currently lack of a better way of doing things. The current implementation is the only way we can ensure that there is no security breach for malicious attachments. If the attachment is opened in the browser it will be executed within the same “session” as your Zammad session. This means that a malicious attachment could access all your user data and perform actions in Zammad with the permissions of your account. This is why we block this completely and download the files to your hard drive instead … until we come up with a proper solution.

Hi @thorsteneckel thanks for the reply,

I totally agrree with you in this case because the security is always important.
Maybe you know a browseraddon as workaround ?

Or some hints in form of documentation for coding custom modules and install via the system -> packages -> installbutton as mention in this post ?

Because this is really a big deal for us and costs so mutch time in our workflow bacause we need to handle with a lot, really a lot of PDF files.

Sadly no :slightly_frowning_face: but if you or anyone else knows how we can improve it please let us know

Just as workaround a tried a little script in combination with a Chrome extension running on my pc.
Its really quick and dirty and just an idea if someone has a similar case.

This sorts all downloads from zammad into a singlefolder:

Script that checks for new PDF files in folder, open it in a new tab and delte it

Credits goes here 10years old posting :smiley: ->

@thorsteneckel maybe you can add a default download location option and then people can write their own application to handle this :slight_smile: or atleast dont mess their default download folder with contles of files :smile:

It is not possible for a WebApp to manipulate the download location (for security and that’s good)

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