Discourse post to zammad ticket

Beside knowledge based i think we need to have a public conversation area with our clients that i like discourse.org, Would be nice if there be able for discourse agents to convert a client post in discourse to a zammad ticket.

Excuse me but I really think that this out of the scope of a ticket system.
Personally I think that discourse or anything else is a fine piece of software that you can use.

We really shouldn’t blow Zammad to a “I can do everything” system, as the code quality and usability will extremly suffer from this. Just my opinion.

Edit: You can use the URL to refer to the discourse post on Zammad. To me that would be enough.


Yes you are right, It was only an idea!

@MrGeneration Our team uses both Zammad and Disourse and would really like a Zammad to Discourse bridge or channel. Is this something you still deem to be out of scope?

I would be happy to contribute some code.

I personally still think that it’s out of scope to be honest.

But: Of course, you’re always welcome to contribue code (no matter if it’s as an addon (which I think would be the better approach here)) or if it’s a pull request on Github.

Right now we’re having the problem that there’s no real development guide available, so right now I’m afraid you need to fiddle around. :frowning:

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