Disable Mail Notification when ticket closed


as far as I can see at my personal profile I can only disable mail notifications at tickets for updates, new tickets, but not for closed tickets. This seems to be handled by the event ticket update.

Would it be possible to extend this notification function?


  1. Do you you want to received email notification if the ticket is closed?
  2. Do you want to disable the email notification when ticket is closed?

If no.1 you can use the trigger features

If no. 2 check also your trigger features if there is enable trigger to send email if there is closed ticket.

Thank you

Thanks, I´ve checked my triggers. Currently there are no triggers active. I want to disable the email notification when a ticket is closed.

Trigger and Notifications in your Profile control the email notifications features.
image uncheck all this and disabled trigger

Thanks, I know this section, but i ONLY want to disable closed ticket notification by mail, which seems not be implemented yet. I can only disable ticket update notifications.

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Hi @yoursql719

Closed tickets are prone to be reopened when a user/customer considers that the offered solution does not suit their needs. Some times, users/customers just reply with a “thanks!” after you’ve closed the ticket and yes, that part is annoying :slight_smile:

With that said, unless you won’t allow closed tickets to be reopened, you’ll need some filtering magic to get this done… maybe piping the incoming email through procmail as well…



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