Disable agent getting e-mail notifications from admin overview

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I’m currently trying out zammad including an LDAP integration. The problem is, when adding an ldap server to the pile, EVERY user that comes into a group gets e-mail notices about incoming tickets and so on.
This way old, obsolete, system or other unrelated users may get a notification and if everybody gets an email for a system thats just being used for testing purposes, this is not great.

What I expected:
I expected that you can disable e-mail notifications for complete groups, roles or even specific users from the administration interface. It’s pretty bad if you have to enter 500 users manually to disable e-mail notifications for them.

What happened:
You have to enter every users account, change it’s settings, go back to your admin view, enter settings again, selecting or typing your set filter again and enter the next agent.

What time will be needed to implement?
It might not take to long, because the option is already there. You just have to show it on a click on the agent/user from the admin use as well.

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Aren’t you still doing it manually that way?

For testing purposes you could just disable your outgoing email account.


Thumbs up for your FR, I agree.

I did not like the default enabled mail notifications so I changed them system-wide (Change notification defaults?).

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Yeah, I’m still doing it manually, but I can save a lot of time doing it that way.

And since there are no mass action for the user view, I guess that this would be the easiest way to do it.

Also if done testing, there may be users that shouldn’t get e-mails, maybe a few hundreds or thousands, so disabling outgoing e-mail accounts may not be an option.

Also this kinda solves or makes @Charburner 's request easier. I’m stunned that Zammad in all of it’s greatness doesn’t have such a feature yet.

Any news on this? Over Simplicity is an issue, when you’re not able to change such simple things.

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No news yet, no.
You can make this a custom development, if you want to.

I agree to akkari’s point of view, for the admin having control about when and what messages are sent by zammad is essential and should under no circumstances be a case for custom development. This is the wrong place for too much simplicity.

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