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Hi all!
First of all, you made a very nice product, wow!
We are using Zammad with many different users and groups and i want to disable the activity steam, so they can’t see how much is done by the other agent. Is there a simple solution to do so?
Some of them are doing their work on a volunteer basis, so it’s unfair to measure them.

Thanks in advance,


is there a hacky way?

I ain’t aware of any :confused:

thank you for your fast answers!
so, just to be sure, no real chance for disabling the acitvity stream soon?


Doesn’t seem like it, sorry about that.

We are making a POC of Zammad in our organization right now. But we have also a problem with the activity stream. It should be possible to disable the function.
We see problems with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when using Zammad in larger organizations like we are, 2500 users, about 50 agents from different departments. The keyword is data minimisation.

While I understand your argument, I think it’s not entirely true.

We only show activities on ticket actions to agents if they have the right to see this information.
In general: The information shown there can be easilly received on the ticket itself at any time. (aka. History)

Not sure if GPDR is really the right theme here, I think it’s rather “Arbeitsschutz” and nervous members of “Betriebsrat” :-X

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Good point !
Thanks for the clarification.

We have a “Personalrat” and they are very cautious with new software.
It would be much easier, if we could just switch this feature off.

But I hope we can convince them in our presentation.

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