Detect ky2help follow-ups


we need a detection for follow-ups for ky2help (Service Management ky2help® - Der Tempomacher für Geschäftsprozesse) like ServiceNoew or Jira.
Detect ServiceNow follow-ups · Issue #3022 · zammad/zammad · GitHub
Detect Jira follow-ups · Issue #3695 · zammad/zammad · GitHub

ky2help sends Reponse-E-Mails without Zammad Headers or the Zammad Subject. So the detection of follow-ups is needed to prevent Zammad from opening new tickets.

ky2help uses the following x-headers:
X-ky2help-tenant: 0
X-ky2help-queue-entry: Wed, 19 Jan 20XX XX:XX:XX GMT
X-ky2help-queue-id: EML-123456
X-ky2help-reference-id: SR-12345

Subject incoming mails:
SR-12345: Some impotant problem

Can this be implemented?

Thank you and best regards