Delete specific message on ticket thread


I’ve not found this request, but my apologize If I’ve missed it.

When we manage an issue by mail, we have encountered at least two case where delete a specific message on the thread could be useful.

First case is bot reply, in some case some contact have an antispam or a any automatic reply. Could be interesting to delete it to get an intelligible thread.
Second case, is an error when we add/move a contact with a different mail. An error on the mail and we can get a bounce error or any message. In this case we correct message but previous bad is again present.

Purpose is not delete thread issue, but in some case target specific message on the issue and delete them to conserve a intelligible issue.

Could be possible ?



:skull_and_crossbones: The commands listed here cause irrecoverable data loss! Only proceed if you know what you’re doing and you have a backup!

I've read that carefully
# Find a ticket by id and list all its articles
>> Ticket::find(1).articles

# Delete an article by id
>> Ticket::Article.find(1).destroy




Thanks a lot for this trick but as you said is a bit (a lot) dangerous and is not user friendly.

Maybe could be interesting to have a hide status (not private), in this case we preserve data and allow to reduce erroneous message on ticket.