Delete signature via admin console

There is already a 4 years old (!) bug report that deleting of signatures is not possible via Webinterface delete signatures by the admin · Issue #2360 · zammad/zammad · GitHub

In the admin console guide Console — Zammad documentation I also can’t find how to delete signatures, but I think this should be possible.

So how to delete a signature via admin console?


Heya! :smile:

I had a quick look, you can see what signatures are available by opening, and check individual IDs by visiting<id number>.json.

Then, by using an access token you can send a curl request to delete the unwanted signature:
curl -X DELETE -H "Authorization: Token token=token123-yourtokenhere123" "<id number>"

Alternatively, use Signature.find(<id number>) in the console to check the signature and then Signature.find(<id number>).destroy to remove it.

In my local test instance I could not spot any immediate issues after doing this, but please check for yourself and you are on your own when running any of these commands/api calls, as the warning from the documentation says.


Thanks. Works perfectly.

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