Delete Large Attachments by Scheduler

We have a fairly Simply set up a lot of departments, i do want to try and keep as much history as possible with out deleting tickets, So im asking if it is possible to added an additional setting to scheduler for Attachment size, so we can set a schedule weekly for say any attachment over 10 MB will be deleted,

i suspect a reply like “Why dont you set attachment size limitation”
great question and my answer is: we want it as easy as possible for external users to deal with us and dont want limitations and enforce them to use several systems to get us information,

Thanks for the Great system and keep up the good work

Removing attachments is no rudimental step because of the way Zammads attachments work.
If you receive two mails with an identical attachment, Zammad will only save the attachment once and cross reference it to the other article if needed.

Now in such a situation, if you happen to have such a situation with tickets where one is farily old and the other one fairly new, you can’t really decide on how to act in that situation.

I mean, yes you can, but this adds further layers of complexity we usually try to avoid.
There’s no easy way in Zammad and while technically possible with rails commands, we would never suggest doing that move.

That being said, this proberbly won’t meet our 80% user base rule at the moment.

Howevert, I do understand your requirement. I’m afraid right now it’s rather a edge case in Zammads universe. :frowning:

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