Delete email entry in ticket


if a ticket entry has the channel “note” then its possible to delete the entry.

This would be realy great for channel “email” too.

For example:

  • delete autoreply mails
  • delete mails that as sent / received in the wrong ticket


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This is tricky because you don’t want an agent to be able to hide a complaint or pretend they didn’t get a response by deleting emails.

Maybe being able to mark an email as collapsed by default would be nice so it doesn’t take much vertical space but is still available to click and read.

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maybe the delete option should be optional for emails.
so you can choose for your envoiremnet if you want to allow this.

also the historie can help to track maipulations.

another alternative would be that only admins can delete email entrys.

your idea to collapsed is also good - but for this a mark would be good - e.g. “Spam”.
when you print the ticket or export it to pdf, then the spam entries should not be included.

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I agree with @chesty in both points: Being able to delete mails (or any other incoming or outgoing communication!) is probably unwanted (*) but the the idea of being able to collapse mails is intriguing.

(*) @work we need the full history to prove processes in retrospect. Being able to remove parts of the documented process would make zammad unusable for our purposes.

I know this FR refers to email articles but as an addition there should be an option to prevent the deletion of note articles aswell! Use case: For internal tickets we always reply with notes. As an agent you can just delete your part of the ticket communication and crush the whole context, which is neither reasonable nor audit-proof.

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