Define whether signature before or after quoted text

If you mark ticket text and click on ‘reply’ the marked text will be inserted in the answer field. The signature is then below the quoted text. With larger inserted texts, message text and signature may be a little too far away for the reader to recognize them as belonging together.

It would be helpful if you could specify in the settings whether the signature is inserted before or after the inserted text.

(Request Ticket#1017356)

Not sure if I get this right:

If I press “reply” on a ticket I have configured a E-Mail-Account on the group, I can easily scroll below the signature and type / paste larger content below the signature.

The only thing that happened to me while testing was that if I paste the content of this page twice into the ticket (location does not matter) the border of the typing field lights up red and goes back to normal (second paste does not work) - BUT I can continue to type normally.

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