Default Template for new tickets

I think having the option to a default template for new tickets would be cool.

Right now, if a user creates a new ticket through the web-interface, he enters any information in a unstructured way. Which and how much Information he provides depends on his personal knowledge in „creating tickets“.

Compared to the way you do when I create an issue in github, I would like to give the customer some „guidance“ when he creates the ticket.

###please provide us the following information###
###„What is the error you see?“###

###Which Software or hardware is affected?###

###which steps do we need to do to reproduce the error?###

In my opinion if the customer has some guidline in the ticket what the agent expects and which information he needs, will improve the „quality“ of the created tickets.
And this will reduce the number of requests and follow ups from the agents to solve the tickets.

As a quick and dirty solution if would be ok to edit the default template by creating and editing a file in the filesystem.

A perfekt solution would be, if the definition of the default ticket template would be configurable in the ui by administration.

And even better, if each group could have it‘s individual text template for new tickets.

What do you think?



I Think this would be a great and very helpful feature for everyone.

Good Idea:
But if possible don’t use such kind of codes in front of a User. A user should see some Questions and Textboxes where he could enter Text.

Agreed! Using Textboxes and all of that stuff would be cool.

But I think, implementing the feature, that the admin can configure a text, that is displayed in the new ticket window instead of displaying an empty window for the new ticket would be a first simple step that could help a lot to give the customer some assistance.

I am not a programmer, but I think if implementing textboxes and all that stuff the effort for development would be significantly higher.

Because there are a lot of our cool ideas for enhancement my suggestions would be, to keep the effort for this enhancement request small.
So just the option to define a „helping text“ in the new ticket window.

@zammad development:
If this is already possible by changing a file on the commandline please give us a hint.
(yes, I know that this change might be gone after any update)

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