Default macro -Update- closes ticket


we are experiencing a new issue since a few zammad versions.
At the moment we are using Zammad 5.0.2-1637239384.29d99f1d.buster amd64

but even before this version the following issue occurs->

When writing a reply for a completely new, not grouped, not assigned ticket and clicking on the macro button to “update” the ticket is closed.
It’s not only a bug in the ticket zoom view, the ticket is closed and an email is sent to the ticket client. As the default macro can’t be configured by ourselves I’m curious if this happens only on our zammad helpdesk, or if theres a major issue going on?

Maybe someone already managed to fix that?

Thank you and have a good time,

Probably same as Macro changes ticket state to "closed" even though it shouldn't?

In my case the status is not only changed, but also saved and the client receives an email with this statusupdate. But thats just when using the update button. I havent managed to force this issue to occur when using own macros but I think your topic is close to this

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