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Hi, i have been testing zammad and i have a must requirement from my company that every user must some a specific language, lets say all customer need to see the interface in Spanish.
So far every client that i create defaults on login to English even if i set Admin / Branding /Locale to spanish.
The user browser displays correctly at login but once the login is done the ticket page is all in english. I can go to the profile and change ir and it works but i need an opcion to define this at user creation or as a default for the entire zammad solution.

Thanks for your reply


This is Zammad version 5.3.1
Rle complete solutions has been deploy form a docker-compose in container.

Zammad automatically detects the users language by reading the user’s browser preference. As long as it knows the locale that shouldn’t be an issue. The language setting is stored to the user preferences upon their first logon and can be adjusted. This means even with an english only browser you could ensure to display spanish user interfaces after logging in.

There’s no possibility to overcome above mentioned behavior.

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